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Narrated by Steven Daniel
Romantic Escapes in the Bahamas

Written by ​Paris Permenter and John Bigley 

Narrated by Steven Daniel


Romance and the Caribbean go hand in hand. How could they not, with sunny days, sultry nights, perfect beaches, tropical splendor, and more fun than could be had in a lifetime? Undecided on which island would best suit you? Find your dream vacation in the Bahamas. Nassau & New Providence, the Abacos, Bimini, Freeport, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, the Out Islands. We tell you about the history, activities and nightlife, as well as scores of listings for lodging and restaurants. Maps and photos throughout. Local festivals, shopping, romantic activities, nightlife, beaches, weddings, sightseeing - it's all here!

Indie and professional projects

Lego Ultimate Spiderman  
Episode 2- "Learning Curve"

Created by Funmi Productions

Kingpin/Wilson Fisk played by Steven Daniel





Gods of Tension 3: The Stone War


Album Creator Joey Cramsey

VNN Newsman played by Steven Daniel




Newscast2-Beta-1 - Joey Cramsey
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Justice League: Gods Among Men



President Lex Luther played by Steven Daniel



After years of serving as the protectors of Earth the Justice League finds themselves no longer in the favor of humanity across globe forcing the League to retire and move on with their personal lives. After a 5 year hiatus Bruce Wayne has no choice, but to don the cape and cowl again to save his city. His decision will send the world down a path that may lead it to its destruction. This story will be inspired by the Public Enemies, Kingdom Come, and The Dark Knight Returns story lines in the DC comics lore. When I say inspired I mainly mean in regards to how the world around these characters views them and the fact that the JLA will be a little older. Not TDKR or Kingdom Come older, but still older. Think of it as an elseworld type of story





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